青の祓魔師 The Flame Carnival

That so cute, I have to translate it *w*

Okumura Rin


Even if you said “Give it back to me” I won’t do it!

Okumura Yukio



It makes me shy somehow… Maybe you’re more skillful than my older brother…

No it’s nothing

Mephisto Pheles




Will you go in my residence from now?

If it’s so happy then if every day is Valentine would be good


GROWLS (ะ`♔´ะ) 

Photoshop help?

In advance saying that English is not my first language, so you can expect some mistakes.
Does someone know how to add rain effect to gif using photoshop cs3 or online ? I’m really slow when it comes to stuff like photoshop and usually need everything explained from scratch.
 I’ve been searching for a while now and all I could find are the tutorials that add effect on image. I have about 94 images which I turned into gif so to add on every image would be hard. I’ve found few ones that actually contain and allow rain effect on gif,but the quality is so bad and slow. Gif aside. Since I use online free editor (more than 3), few of them allow gif,rain effect and 94 pages. They don’t clash together thus resulting me getting nowhere. Well if u listen to me explain all options I tried, it would be like you explaining me how photoshop works. So if anybody knows and have patience to show me, your help is welcomed and needed.