Ao no Exorcist 54 Raws have been released!


So far there is only the download link in ZIP format to view it & the website is in japenese (x)

credit to the folks at TheBlueKnight Forum


Color Page for Ao no Exorcist 54!

Blue Exorcist to Get Character Book

Within the December issue of Shueisha’s ‘Jump Square’ magazine it is to be announced that the ‘secret project’ that was previously teased for Blue Exorcist it to be the manga’s first character book. The tentatively titled ‘Blue Exorcist Supporters’ Guide’ is set to be released on February 4th 2014.

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what the fuck! the guy who talks for eren talks for koneko! wtf im so mindtripped! imagine Konekomaru shouting like eren! u cant even conmprehend the level of mindblow i am at

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Ao no Exorcist 49: Mephisto Pheles


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 Icons of Shiemi Moriyama || Ao no Exorcist 

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hey i was just wondering where it's stated that bon and konekomaru became friends with shima reluctantly because he was too troublesome? for some reason that just really captures my attention hahah


it was in one of the extras for volume 8, i was looking over it and read about it.

it was a Q&A thing where people send in questions and the mangaka along the characters answer the question

basically the question went like this

Q: suguro and konekomaru address juzo and kinzo by their first names, but they call shima, who’s with them all the time by his last name..

Kazue: a lot of people asked this one, too!

shima: they;re right!! why am i always shima?! we’re close enough for you to call me renzou!

bon: im used to calling youshima

neko: yeah you just dont feel like a renzou

k: when did you start calling him renzou?

((i screencapture the rest from my book, just start with bon and read to right-left))


hope that helped a bit, aisde from shima being illuminaughty he was known as the erotic demon. really nice things to know :D

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And yet there are those who doubt him and question how he gets around the entire world in one night…